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Trading out of your home resort

When trading out of your home resort, as always, your first step is to contact the Contact Center. The staff members will assign a week and unit number to your deposit and place the inventory into your RCI/Club Pueblo account. Approx. 48 hours later you may contact RCI/Club Pueblo to place your request as to where you would like to use that week. You have 2 years to use up the week somewhere in the RCI network. International exchanges are $189/week. Domestic exchanges are $149/week. And Pueblo to Pueblo is $126/week. Even if you are simply saving the week to be used at a later date, back at your home resort, you will pay $126 dollars to reserve the week back at your home resort.

If you are planning to trade the week for a cruise vacation with Pueblo Bonito Premier, you must still call the Contact Center and have them assign inventory to your account, they will then give that week to Premier. 48 hours you can start planning a cruise vacation.

You may call our Contact Center at USA: 1800 990 8250 / Canada 1 855 478 2811 or email them at reservations@pueblobonito.com

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