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The Contact Center is always your first step for any type of vacation you want to do. If you want to come back to your home resort or any other Pueblo Bonito Resort, then simply e-mail the Contact Center reservations@pueblobonito.com or call at USA: 1800 990 8250  /  Canada 1855 478-2811 and put in your request. If you are planning on going to another RCI resort, call the Contact Center first, ask them to deposit a week into RCI/Club Pueblo, then the next day, call RCI/Club Pueblo and put your request in. If you want to try a cruise, contact reservations first, and they will give a week of land vacation time to the Premier office, then contact Premier and decide on which cruise you would like to take.

Please take into consideration that Pueblo Bonito Resorts have a high demand with our Pueblo Bonito owners, therefore high season inventory fills up fast. Please feel free to take advantage of the 1 year time limit if you know a year in advance when you would like to come. 2 days is the minimum time to make a reservation. If you are sending friends or family in your place, simply send the complete guest information by email to reservations@pueblobonito.com with your authorization. They must be 21 years of age and present a major credit card at time of check-in.

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