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Renting out weeks that you own

Owners have a rental pool office available to them in the event that they are unable to use their space and would like to receive a nominal return for their week. The rental office is called “Suite Getaways” and is located in San Diego. Most owners receive a rental form in their owner’s kit. The form is self-explanatory. When renting out inventory it is essential that the client DOES NOT reserve a week to give to the rental pool. The rental offices need the week to be floating. And the rental office will only accept weeks during the last quarter of the year, for inventory in the following year. In other words, during the months of Oct., Nov., Dec., 2014 you will register the week for  to be used during the year of 2015. Please fill out the form, and send it in registered mail with a return receipt. Traditionally rental checks are sent out to all clients in October, regardless of when the week was rented. Please be aware that “Suite Getaways” keeps a 30% commission on all rentals. Maintenance fees must be paid in order to list a week for rental.

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