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Depositing with RCI / Club Pueblo

You will deposit the corresponding amount of one week into the BANK with RCI/Club Pueblo if you don’t plan on using the week at all in a given year. By placing the week into the Bank, RCI is holding the week for you to use at a future date, any time in the next 2 years. There will be a fee to pull it out and reserve it at a later date, even if used back at your home resort. You must advise the reservations department of your desire to bank the week, NO LATER THAN OCT. 31st of the current year. You may even bank the week for next year, provided you have prepaid the maintenance fee ahead of time through the Contact Center. To deposit your week, you simply e-mail reservations at reservations@pueblobonito.com and request them to deposit it. The reservations staff will assign a red week of inventory to your name in the RCI account. Within 48 hours you may then contact RCI/Club Pueblo and start planning where you would like to use the week out in the RCI network.

Reservations e-mail address:


RCI/Club Pueblo 1-888-909-4399

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