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Bonus weeks

On occasion a buying client may receive an RCI Bonus week for purchasing (generally when it is a multiple week purchase).

These bonus weeks can be used anywhere through the RCI directory of resorts including at a Pueblo Bonito resort. There is a reservation fee of $149 dollars on each certificate when reserved and confirmed through the RCI office, even if used at a Pueblo Bonito resort.

Since these weeks are a gift, and are virtually free stays, they have limitations on dates that they can be used and locations that they can be used at. Generally RCI does NOT want to confirm these weeks at a high demand locations and during peak travel season. However it sometimes does happen.

Bonus weeks are for Junior suite accommodations and standard reservation rules and restriction apply, i.e. check-in days and times and 4 people.

Please call RCI/Club Pueblo when you would like to reserve the Bonus weeks at a certain destination. RCI/Club Pueblo is at 1-888-909-4399. You must call RCI/Club Pueblo to reserve these certificates even if using them back here at Sunset Beach.

Bonus weeks have an expiration date of 12-24 months once issued. Please ask your representative or the RCI/Club Pueblo rep on the expiration deadline.

Bonus weeks can not be used for a cruise. They are land vacations.

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