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Mazatlán is bursting with tourist attractions, activities and interesting things to do.

From outdoor recreation to historic cultural attractions, nightlife, shopping and festivals, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Mazatlán.


Historic Downtown Mazatlán

The soul of downtown Old Mazatlán is a charming historic district lined with plazas, churches, museums, art galleries, cafes and markets. Discover the charm of narrow streets and squares lined with 19th-century architecture and historic landmarks, including Machado Plaza, Mazatlán Art Museum, The Cathedral and Archaeological Museum. Explore through Old Mazatlán’s quaint colonial section and view the colorful homes. The concierge at your hotel can help you set up a city tour to get acquainted with all that Mazatlán has to offer.



Mexico’s top sport fishing destination, Mazatlán is the billfish capital of the world. Hook big blue and black marlin, sailfish, yellow fin tuna, dorado, wahoo, and grouper aboard one of Mazatlán sport fishing fleets, charter boats and tours. Go fishing for sea bass and snapper aboard the pangas along the coastline. For freshwater bass fishing, head to Lake El Salto in the hills of Sierra Madres – one hour north of Mazatlán.


Mazatlán Beaches

Edging the Pacific Ocean, Mazatlán offers gorgeous sand beaches for a variety of sand and sea sports. With magnificent views of the islands, Sábalo Beach is an excellent spot for swimming, surfing, playing in the waves, or boating over to Venados Island. Located near the center of Mazatlán, Olas Altas Beach is beautiful at sunset and offers great surfing waves in the open sea. A few miles from downtown, you will find Los Pinos Beach for warm waters for surfing and swimming. One of the longest beaches in Mexico, Norte Beach is sublime sandy strand for swimming, surfing and enjoying fresh seafood at one of the palm hut restaurants.


Water Sports

Enjoy boating, sailing, yachting, kayaking, jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, catamaraning and Hobie Cat rides into the vast ocean and to offshore islands. The concierge at your hotel can help you rent sailboats, yachts, catamarans and trimarans. Enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving in the calm, crystalline waters around the Three Islands – Deer, Bird and Wolf Islands – declared an ecological reserve. Take off on a jet ski from the beach or Parasail over the Three Islands or enjoy windsurfing in the calm bay.


Stone Island

A beautiful peninsula on the south tip of Mazatlán, Stone Island is a magnificent escape from the crowds. A short boat ride across Navigation Channel, Stone Island features sparkling palm-lined beach with gentle waves and palapa restaurants, wonderful for snorkeling and scuba diving. Enjoy seafood or walk to beachside shops. Meet the local farmers who cultivate the coconut grove along the beach.


El Quelite

Break away from the sea and sand of Mazatlán to explore the rural town of El Quelite – 20 miles northeast of Mazatlán. The beautiful Colonial Village of El Quelite is a journey back in time with historic architecture and an agricultural lifestyle of its Spanish colonial past. Stroll along tiled and cobbled streets through the town square to see Colonial architecture, painted buildings and colorful flowers spilling over sidewalks. Experience the ranchero lifestyle at cattle ranches, fruit orchards and dairy farms.


Mazatlán Lighthouse

The Mazatlán Lighthouse, located atop Creston’s Peak, is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Mazatlán. The Lighthouse is the second tallest natural lighthouse in the world. A dirt walking path leads to the lighthouse where the reward is a stunning panoramic view of Mazatlán.


Mazatlán Aquarium

The Mazatlán Aquarium offers hours of interesting things to do and see for families. It features more than marine life exhibits as well as a tropical botanical park and live entertainment starring some of the aquarium’s resident seals.



With historic charm and waterfront promenade, Mazatlán is a fun shopping destination with street vendors selling everything from tequila to wooden sculptures. Bargain at the open-air bazaar, Los Tianguis or walk through La Zona Dorada, lined with art galleries, and craft, jewelry and clothing stores.

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Mazatlán is bursting with tourist attractions, activities and interesting things to do. Find things to do in Mazatlán here.